Welcome to I, Degen - A podcast about crypto technology, security, and culture. With a healthy balance of enthusiasm and skepticism, we cut through the misinformation and hype in search of signal in the noise. Our weekly round-up will keep you updated on the latest in crypto hacks and security. With our open-source audio audits, we interview founders and hackers to surface relevant info about how to stay safe in crypto land. 

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E22 - Securing the Merge W/David Theodore From The Ethereum Foundation - 11/15/2022

This week we talk with David Theodore, a Security Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, about how they pulled off the merge securely, Proof of Stake, and various othe...

E21 - Gala Games Attacked By A Whitehat & 50K BTC Silkroad Hacker Pleads Guilty

This week we get into the strange and confusing story of the Gala Games hack, the 50K BTC Silkroad hacker, and a bunch of other crypto security news.

E20 - Team Finance, FriesDAO, & Layer2DAO Hacked - Profanity Woes Continue - 11/1/2022

October is finally over, and we’re going a mile wide and an inch deep on this week's crypto security news. If it weren’t for the ongoing profanity attacks, it would ha...

E19 - Alpha Hunting w/Threat Intel Bots & Devcon 6 Security Talk Gem Hunt 1 - 10/21/2022

Things calmed a bit this week, but we weren't without DeFi hacks. We dig into the week's crypto hacks and hunt for gems in Devcon 6 security talks. One of those talks ...

E18 - Patriarch Glossy Manohar, you are being liquidated! - 10/14/2022

It's been another big week of hacks in crypto land, and depending on how you keep score, it might be the biggest ever. We saw multiple chains and bridges get hacked, p...

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